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Posts on Jan 1970

It’s a Facebook Africa


Webempires, a company that creates apps and visuals on interesting web companies, technology and business, recently published a map of the world’s dominating websites. The map visualizes the #1 websites in each country based on traffic rank (Alexa data).

The visualization does not take into account properties. Where Google dominates in most of the world, it is interesting to see the Facebook footprint visualized in Africa.
The team at Webempires explains in their analysis, ‘What may come surprising (or not at all) is that Facebook is not lighting up across American continents. It’s far from taking over Europe, too. If this was a game called ‘Risk’ and your objective was to take over the entire world, it would be clear that Google is winning. However, Facebook is on its way of taking over Africa and fighting some really tough battles in Asia.’

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