The deployment of your next generation communications infrastructure is in safe hands!

SGS is on of the leading provider of telecommunications infrastructure services in the Eastern Africa region.



In a world where business demands are growing infinitely you need a reliable partner with a strong winning culture
and performance over promises to deliver results.

Our experience-centtric managed and professional services model aims to align with our client's strategic and business objectives!



With Cyber attacks growing in numbers and in strength these days, it is harder to avoid becoming a victim.

SGS is one of the few security solution providers in the region who can help you achieve your security goals.


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Critical projects demand high level of competency


In a world where business demands are growing infinitely you need a reliable partner with a strong winning culture.

With Cyber attacks growing in numbers, these days it is harder to avoid becoming a victim.

The fast-paced technology is revolutionising the world, particularly in the emerging markets of Africa, Asia and the Middle East, in a way that has never been seen before. The biggest winners are normal consumers. With ubiquitous connectivity and with an array of applications and services they have now got access to technology tools that impact every facet of their lives.

Inherently this is set to create new opportunities in many sectors, catering for Mobile Banking, e-Commerce, Education, Employment, Social, Health and Governmental services. However, where there are opportunities there are challenges.

At SGS we are at the forefront and helping our local partners and clients to realise their long term strategic goals. We are working with world technology leaders whose vision are not just mere sales and one-off projects but take the long term view of mutual gain and lasting partnership. This way the local consumer market is better served and sustainable business growth is likely to be realised.



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