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How pricey Internet holds back Africa

africa-map-640(May-2015) The Internet brings the promise of untold riches in knowledge, culture and educational opportunities. But a great deal needs to be done to tap into its potential by Tech Central.
There is widespread acknowledgement that Africa has a long road to travel before it can use the power of technology to improve the lives of people.

Broadband coverage outside urban and peri-urban areas is still woefully inadequate despite initiatives such as undersea cables that are connecting African countries. But statistics on connectivity show great disparities on the continent.

While access to connectivity has widened, the costs are still high. Internet speeds in the developing world cost much more for lower broadband speeds. Entry-level broadband, averaging across mobile and fixed-line access, exceeds 40% of average income. In many countries it is over 100% of monthly income.

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SGS Ltd partners with VMWare


(Mar-2015) Small Globe Solutions Ltd is proud to announce that we are a registered VMware® partner authorized to sell and rent VMware® Products to our regional customers. This will enable us to offer amazing prices on all VMWare®’s products.

In this partnership we at SGS Ltd have the full access of VMWare® Knowledge Base to benefit from VMware®’s Product, Services and Technical Support.VMware®’s Partner University provides further access to Education and Training on VMware® products. VMware® is the unquestionable front-runner in virtualisation technology both in terms of market position and technology/capability.

If you want to empower your company to simplify its IT infrastructure by creating a more dynamic and flexible datacentre with a proven server architecture framework, why not contact SGS Ltd? With our partnership with VMware®, we can make sure this happens.

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